Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Important

White teeth can be hard to achieve and maintain with all the foods and drinks we consume each day. In addition, smoking and neglecting regular home oral hygiene also contribute to the yellowing of teeth.

While teeth whitening is technically considered a cosmetic procedure, it should be taken seriously by everyone. Whitening your teeth can greatly increase your quality of life by allowing you to feel more comfortable with your smile and improving your self-confidence!

Feel the Effects of Whitening

Here are some of the ways whiter teeth can benefit your life:

  • Look and feel younger
  • Self-esteem boost
  • Improves oral hygiene habits

Yellow and discolored teeth happen naturally over time and are associated with the aging process. Therefore, everyone should be making a conscious effort to keep their teeth as healthy and bright as possible. Patients who undergo treatment often take better care of their teeth, which improves not only the look of their teeth, but also their overall health.

What Are My Whitening Options

There are two main ways to obtain the necessary materials to begin brightening your smile. One is to buy over-the-counter products, which have a lower dose of active ingredients and can sometimes cause sensitivity. You can also meet with your dentist to have them carefully examine your dental history and current health and determine a personal whitening plan that will help you achieve the results you desire in an effective manner. Professional whitening gives you your brightest smile while also ensuring that your tooth enamel is protected, making this the preferred option of all dental professionals.

Professional In-Office and Take Home Whitening

With professional whitening through your dentist, there is more than one option for your whitening plan. We offer quick in-office whitening treatments and custom at-home whitening kits (which are offered free of charge for all adult patients*).

Our in-office treatment use the Opalescence Boost Whitening system, which achieves the best results. The procedure is both faster and safer than other in-office treatments on the market, and it is done without damaging UV lights and goggles. This is the fastest way to see results, making it ideal for you when pressing deadlines require you to look your very best. With in-office whitening, you will see dramatic results in just one visit!

If you are more interested in our at-home whitening kits, you will be fitted for custom trays during your first visit. Then, you will receive your trays and whitening gel approximately one week later – all of which comes with specific instructions on when and how to use the product.

Downfall of Over-the-Counter Options

Even though store-bought whitening products can be cheaper, you often see poor results or results that take many treatments to receive. This can increase tooth sensitivity and can degrade your tooth enamel, ultimately compromising your overall dental health. Overusing the products or not following the directions correctly can not only give you unevenly whitened teeth, but can weaken your teeth as well.

The strips, gels, and toothpastes you find in retail stores are also not personally prescribed to you. This means that they may not align with your individual whitening goals. With our professional whitening systems, we control the concentration of the whitening agents within the products to make sure you do not get too much or too little of the important ingredients.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to try professional dental whitening, schedule an appointment today. Be sure to check out our new patient specials to see how you can save money on your dental services and receive Free Whitening for Life!

*A comprehensive oral exam, including x-rays, must be completed to qualify patients for the Free Whitening For Life Program. Some restrictions apply.

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