Soft Tissue Contouring

Soft Tissue ContouringAt Smile Hilliard, we’re pleased to provide our patients with various surgical treatments to improve the health and appearance of the gum tissues, such as soft tissue contouring. 

What Is Soft Tissue Contouring?

Soft tissue contouring is the process of surgically reshaping a patient’s gum tissue. It is also often referred to as gum sculpting, contouring, recontouring, or gingivoplasty. 

What Is the Purpose of Soft Tissue Contouring?

Soft tissue contouring can help improve the aesthetic appearance and health of a smile by addressing issues such as: 

  • A gummy smile
  • Uneven gum tissue 
  • Decay below the gum line
  • Tooth loss
  • Gingival infections
  • Periodontal disease

Soft tissue contouring is used as both a cosmetic and restorative treatment. Due to genetics, braces, or certain prescription medications, some patients have too much gum tissue or gums that are uneven or cover up a large portion of their teeth. 

Having too much gum tissue can sometimes cause cosmetic concerns, as having the perfect smile is not always about perfect teeth but rather the harmony between the teeth and gums. It can also cause health concerns because excess gum tissue can increase the risk of certain oral health problems and make it difficult to fit dental prosthetics such as dental crowns or dental bridges. 

What To Expect During a Soft Tissue Contouring Procedure

The gum recontouring process begins with a consultation between you and Dr. Sanyk. During this consultation, Dr. Sanyk will talk with you about your treatment goals and examine your gums. Once we have determined you are a good candidate for soft tissue contouring, Dr. Sanyk will work with you to make a plan to create the beautiful smile you envision. We will then schedule an appointment for your procedure. 

The procedure begins with the administration of a gentle, local anesthetic that numbs your gums at the treatment location. This ensures you experience no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Sanyk then sculpts your gums, using soft tissue laser technology to achieve the aesthetic appearance you desire while addressing any periodontal health concerns you might also have. 

Following your procedure, we will provide thorough aftercare instructions to help you enjoy a smooth, swift, and pain-free recovery. For the first several weeks after your procedure, it is normal for your gum tissue to feel a little more sensitive than normal. We recommend you continue practicing thorough oral hygiene while being very gentle on your gums. Also, be sure to refrain from using mouthwash containing alcohol, as this could burn and inflame your sensitive gum tissues while healing. Typically, no follow-up appointment is needed once your contouring procedure is complete.

The Advantages of Treatment With a Soft Tissue Laser

We are proud to have our office equipped with a soft tissue laser because the surgical process with a laser is less invasive, safer, and much more effective. Gum contouring with a soft tissue laser offers several advantages and improvements over the traditional surgical recontouring approach, which uses a scalpel. 

A soft tissue laser is much less invasive because there is no need for cutting tissue or sewing up a patient’s gum tissues with stitches. Additionally, gum recontouring with a soft tissue laser reduces bleeding, inflammation, and pain during the procedure and the recovery process. The soft tissue laser also sterilizes and cauterizes the treatment area, significantly reducing the risk of infection.  

Soft Tissue Contouring at Smile Hilliard

At Smile Hilliard, Dr. Sanyk offers soft tissue contouring with our in-house soft tissue laser both for cosmetic purposes, restorative treatments, and as a part of our comprehensive treatment plans for advanced cases of periodontal disease (along with gingivectomy and other additional treatments). 

If you think you might benefit from soft tissue contouring or are interested in learning more about the treatment process, we welcome you to contact Smile Hilliard to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanyk.

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