How To Eat Your Favorite Snacks And Keep Your Dentist Happy

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Oral Health Tips

teeth healthy snacksWe have all been there: sitting in the dentist chair and lying through our teeth about how we eat healthy and brush and floss regularly. The guilt we feel as soon as we sit down should be more than enough to keep us on track until our next scheduled visit.

The problem is, we love our favorite foods and do not want to give them up, even if they aren’t the best for our oral health. Yes, throwing out that sugary candy is good for your teeth, but it is just not practical to get rid of every food that hasn’t passed the dentist’s seal of approval.

Luckily, we have some tips for how to take care of your teeth without giving up your favorite foods.

Teeth-friendly Snacks

The following foods are great for your teeth as they protect them from harmful acids and produce vital minerals to help strengthen your teeth.

Firm fruits and vegetables are excellent for teeth because they tend to have high levels of water, which washes away harmful sugars.

Snacks That Are Not Good For Your Teeth

The following foods, however, should be avoided as they tend to stick to your teeth, which fosters bacteria growth and acid production.

Obviously, if you do not eat any sugary foods, your teeth are less prone to tooth decay (as long as you brush and floss normally). However, not many people know that starch is also bad for your dental health. Foods like potato chips can get stuck in your teeth, and just like sugar, will produce acids that contribute to decay.

Eat Sugary Foods In One Sitting

If you do choose to eat those snacks that are not the healthiest or the best for your teeth, then it is important that you do not snack on them all day. Eat your serving and fulfill your craving in one sitting, and try to brush your teeth soon after. That way, the acids cannot attack your teeth throughout the entire day.

Healthy Snacks Are Not Always Good for Teeth Either

Be careful about choosing snacks just because they are healthy. Not all healthy/organic snacks are good for your teeth! Dried fruits, for example, are healthy, but they are not great for your teeth because they create ideal conditions for bacteria.

Another example is citrus fruit. Despite being a great source of vitamin-C, citrus fruits are especially bad for teeth because of their acidic properties. These foods are best eaten with full meals to limit their harmful effects.

You Can Eat Anything

As with many things in life, moderation is the key. As long as you brush your teeth afterward, your teeth will be just as healthy as if you had eaten a plain old carrot.

Disclaimer: Eating sugary and starchy foods multiple times daily is bad even if you brush. You do not have to give up sugary and starchy snacks entirely, but they should be enjoyed in moderation along with plenty of healthier foods as well.

Drink Lots of Water

The final secret to snacking healthy is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water helps wash away bacteria and foods stuck in your mouth. If you cannot brush your teeth after snacking, drinking water is the next best thing.

For more information about snacking and keeping your teeth at their healthiest, feel free to contact us today!