Full Mouth Reconstruction with Partial Dentures

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Partial Dentures

Teeth are naturally strong, but that doesn’t mean they remain that way throughout your lifetime. So many things can cause damage even if you practice good oral hygiene and undergo regular dental cleanings and exams.

A smile can quickly deteriorate with oral health-related problems, receding gumlines, and more than one missing tooth. If this does happen, however, you might want to consider undergoing a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction, also known as a smile makeover. For this, your dentist will take the time to determine the current health of your mouth and make beneficial recommendations. For most patients who have a healthy jaw and overall good oral health, dental implants are a great option. Yet, if you are not a good candidate for the implants, you do have other viable solutions, including removable partial dentures.

What Exactly is a Full Mouth Reconstruction and Why Would I Need One?

The way your teeth grow in and line up as you become an adult is by design, providing you with many benefits. These benefits include the ability to eat comfortably, speak properly, and feel confident in your smile.

Yet, many things can interfere with this design early on or later as you experience dental issues, from cavities to root canals to a lost tooth. You may have severe tooth decay, gum disease, excessive tooth enamel erosion and/or wear, or sustain an injury while playing a sport or being in an accident. Congenital or genetic conditions can play a role as well.

One way to repair or rebuild your oral health is with a full mouth reconstruction to improve the overall appearance and restore function. Essentially, it involves the replacing, rebuilding, and restructuring of many or all of a patient’s teeth. This approach can consist of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions.

The full mouth reconstruction approach starts with considering the entire mouth and how a cohesive plan can improve your oral health overall and restore your smile. Your dentist will examine all areas and suggest ways to correct problems or replace teeth that no longer function or are unappealing. With this information, together, you can form a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your needs, preferences, and budget.

There are many potential options for accomplishing your full mouth reconstruction goals. These options may include dental crowns, fixed bridges for gaps, dental implants, veneers, and various other solutions your dentist can recommend. You also may benefit from removable partial dentures.

How Can Partial Dentures Help with Full Mouth Reconstruction?

While every full mouth reconstruction can be different depending on the patient’s needs, you will more than likely have a choice between several solutions. You may benefit from a combination of these solutions, with one helpful option being removable partial dentures.

Dentures today are highly reliable and look more natural than ever, thanks to advancements in technology and design. They are crafted with customized gum and tooth-colored materials, creating a natural look that is essential for you to feel confident in sharing your smile.

Partial dentures today also fit more comfortably. They usually have clasps to help keep them in place and to make it easy for you to remove and reinsert them. For some of our patients, crowns may be needed on the natural teeth on each side of the partial in order to stabilize them better.

So, how can partial dentures help with a full mouth reconstruction? A few benefits include the following.

Saves Time and Spares Your Budget

If you have several damaged or missing teeth in a row in either the upper or lower arch, instead of seeking a timely and potentially costly solution for each tooth, a partial denture is a good option.

Blends in with Other Teeth or Dental Restorations

The partial denture can be designed and created to fit your mouth and match the coloring of surrounding teeth, blending in and creating a more even-looking smile.

Keeps Surrounding Teeth from Shifting

In addition, by wearing the denture, you keep surrounding teeth from shifting out of place and creating gaps which can increase the level of tooth decay you experience and advance into gum disease.

Requires a Less Invasive Process and Healing Time

One more benefit of partial dentures in a full mouth reconstruction is that they are one of the least invasive ways to restore teeth, providing a simple solution that can save you time, eliminate the discomfort of undergoing several other procedures, and limit healing time.

Your full mouth reconstruction may need more than one solution and determining if partial dentures will benefit your smile will be an important step. It all starts with a discussion of your goals, wishes, and preferences with your dentist. From there, a customized treatment plan will be developed to include timelines and expected results. All throughout the process, you can count on your dental team to be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Let Smile Hilliard Help You Find Your Smile Again

Here at Smile Hilliard, our team is committed to finding the best possible solutions for your dental issues. We will work side by side with you to find the right approach and determine if full mouth reconstruction with partial dentures will be beneficial in helping to restore both the function and appearance of your teeth so you can enjoy smiling again. Contact our office today to schedule your initial comprehensive consultation with our team of professionals.

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