5 Ways a Custom Athletic Mouthguard Protects Your Student Athlete

Custom Athletic MouthguardsCustom athletic mouthguards are made to protect children from terrible dental injuries that occur in sports. As with other protective gear, some are better than others. At Smile Hilliard, we make getting custom mouthguards fun and easy so that your child has the best sports protective gear the industry has to offer. Dr. Sanyk is passionate about protecting your child’s teeth. As a benefit to our child patients, we offer these custom athletic mouthguards for FREE!

What is a Custom Athletic Mouthguard?

A custom athletic mouthguard is a piece of protective sportswear that is uniquely formed to an individual’s mouth. A dentist takes an impression of your child’s teeth, and within two visits, the mouthguard is ready to be used.

Here are 5 ways that a custom athletic mouthguard protects your child’s mouth:

  • Reduced risk of knocked out, fractured, or displaced teeth
  • Custom fit for better protection and comfort
  • Cuts down on neck stress
  • Minimizes cuts and bruises to the face and mouth
  • Prevents tongue injury

Keep in mind that not all of these protections come from each type of mouthguard. To get the best protection, it is best to acquire a personalized model.

The Benefits of Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Besides being the most comfortable option on the market, custom athletic mouthguards are easy to clean, built to last, and allow for efficient breathing. Breathing well during physical activities means better performance because muscles get more oxygen needed to operate during high intensity events.

The long-term quality protection that custom athletic mouthguards offer is the insurance that your child is not only comfortable but also protected with the most up-to-date technology on the market.

Athletes who purchase store-bought mouthguards may suffer from more expensive and painful injuries later. Store-bought mouthguards, where you have to boil before biting to fit it yourself, may leave your athlete at higher risk of injury if not done right. The high temperature of boiling water can also leave gums in danger from burns. Boil and bite methods may also irritate the mouth, which leads to dismissal of the device and result in possible injury.

When it comes to the health and safety of your child, it is not worth the risk of a serious injury sustained due to poor materials failing to protect your athlete’s mouth. With a custom athletic mouthguard, you know exactly what you are getting without the worry of cheap materials that might fail.

How Custom Mouthguards Protect Teeth

By fully mapping an athlete’s mouth, dentists can provide tightly fitted protection. A custom athletic mouthguard positions teeth to prevent them from slamming together in case of head collision. The guard cushions powerful collisions and protects against possible jaw injuries, such as fracture and jaw dislocation.

Patients with Braces

Custom athletic mouthguards, while an excellent choice for most patients, are not the best option for those currently in braces. There are special mouthguards that are available for these athletes that will help to protect against cut lips and damage to the wiring. A great brand that is available is Shock Doctor, which can be found at most sporting goods stores. Once your child has completed their orthodontic treatment, we would be happy to create a custom athletic mouthguard for them at that time.

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