4 Myths That Keep People From Seeing The Dentist

Posted on August 25, 2015 in General Dentistry

What is it that is keeping you from going to the dentists on a regular basis? Is it nervousness, anxiety or time consuming? Well, whatever your reasoning may be, there is no excuse worthy of letting your teeth suffer from poor dental hygiene.

The following “excuses” for not seeing the dentist for routine checkups are what we like to refer to as dentist myths. They are more like fables, folklore, or misunderstandings. Read on to see how you can enjoy a comfortable, easy, and painless dentist visit and take control over your hygiene and your future!

Too Expensive

The idea that dentist visits are too expensive is an untrue statement. Preventative care is inexpensive, and it actually saves pain, time, and money in the long run. Additionally, regular checkups are usually covered 100% by insurance.

Brushing and flossing daily greatly improves your chances at keeping your hard earned money as well. Get tips from us when you visit and you will be in good shape.

No dental insurance? No problem. Ask us how we can save you money without insurance.

It Will Hurt

Most fears of the dentist are from stories and legends of the past. Today, we use the most up-to-date technology to keep you safe and to make visits simple. There is no reason to fear dentists because we use safe, careful methods to make sure you leave happy and pain free.

If There Is No Pain, Then Nothing Is Wrong

Patients often think that if their mouth does not hurt then there is no problem with their teeth. In fact, many dental health issues are not even noticed because they do not cause pain. Your mouth, teeth, or gums could be suffering from a dental issue without you even realizing it. Do not get caught with serious problems just because you did not get your regular checkup.

Serious diseases, such as periodontal disease for instance, do not always leave warning signs even though they wreak havoc on the mouth. Sometimes it takes a professional eye to spot a growing bacteria, disease or ailment. The only way to catch these types of problems is to keep to scheduled appointments at least twice a year.

Not Enough Time

We understand that schedules can get pretty busy. Not only are days filled with work, but errands must be run, dinner needs to be cooked, and often children’s schedules are more important than your own. Consider these options to make sure you have time to get the dental care your teeth need:

As a Hilliard dentist, Smile Hilliard is aware that our patients’ time is valuable. We do our best to get you in and out within a blink of an eye. No matter the schedule, we are here to help you stay healthy.
Still not convinced? Ask us about our usual wait times and procedure lengths. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the way things are handled around our offices.

Give Us a Call

Are you ready to see how we can make a dentist checkup easy and hassle free? As a convenient Hilliard dentist, we go to great lengths for our patients. You are the focus at our practice, and we make sure to treat you with respect and dignity.

So do not be shy, but rather, become a part of the Smile Hilliard family. It is as simple as calling in. We will handle the rest!