What Teeth Whitening Option is Right for Me?

Bothered by yellow teeth? Don’t be! There are so many great options to get your teeth pearly white that are both easy and affordable.

Read on to learn what causes yellowing teeth and what your options are for whitening them, including what you can expect from a professional whitening appointment at Smile Hilliard.

What Causes Teeth to Appear Yellowish?

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors contributing to the appearance of yellowish teeth, including:

Age – Over time, tooth enamel wears down. As a result, the yellowish dentin underneath enamel shows through, giving teeth a yellow cast.

Genetics – Some people have naturally thicker or thinner enamel, affecting  whether dentin readily shows through or not.

Illness – There are some diseases—and even disease treatments—that affect enamel, revealing the yellow dentin beneath it.

Tobacco Usage – Smoking and chewing tobacco can stain teeth yellow.

Foods & Beverages – Red wine, coffee, teas, and even certain fruits and vegetables can stain teeth.

Excessive Fluoride – Prolonged childhood exposure to excessive fluoride, (whether fluoride comes from drinking water or dental products), can lead to discoloration.

Trauma – Serious injuries can cause teeth to become discolored, regardless of whether the trauma occurs in childhood or as an adult.

What Are the Best Whitening Options?

Your main whitening options are over-the-counter (OTC) whitening kits, take-home kits from the dentist, and in-office professional whitening. Each offers different benefits:

Over-the-Counter Whitening Kits: Whitening strips and gels can be bought at any drugstore and typically offer good results. However, those results pale in comparison to the results you’ll get with in-office treatments. That’s because an at-home kit typically contains 3-20% peroxide, whereas dental solutions contain 15-43% peroxide.

Furthermore, at-home kits aren’t recommended for anyone experiencing dental problems like periodontitis, cavities, exposed roots, sensitivity, or worn enamel.

Take-Home Whitening Trays: At Smile Hilliard, we offer Opalescence Go whitening trays. These form-fitted trays are pre-filled with whitening gel, allowing you to grab a set and go, whitening your teeth at your own convenience. These trays are perfect for people with very little free time who also want great results–on their own schedule.

In-Office Professional Whitening: In-office professional whitening offers the best, fastest results. This is what we recommend if you want to whiten your teeth several shades more than what you can achieve with over-the-counter strips and gels.

At Smile Hilliard, we’re proud to offer Boost Whitening, which is safer and more comfortable than Zoom Whitening. With Boost Whitening, you’ll also enjoy a nice even, white appearance, gum tissue/enamel protection, and immediate results.

So how do you know what whitening option is right for you? It’s important to analyze  the main reasons your teeth are discolored and what level of whitening you desire – a few shades whiter or a full on overhaul. We are happy to weigh in too to discuss your options and recommended whitening treatment.

To learn more about our specific in-office whitening options, visit our whitening treatment page. Or, if you’re ready to schedule your whitening appointment, keep reading to learn how you can!

How Can I Schedule a Teeth Whitening Appointment at Smile Hilliard?

At Smile Hilliard, it’s convenient as can be to schedule your teeth whitening appointment! To do so, just call our office at 614.328.9489 or request to  schedule your visit online.  We’re conveniently located at 6304 Scioto Darby Road in Hilliard.

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