Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or more teeth? Missing teeth cause discomfort while chewing, a difference in speech, and even a lack of self-confidence about your smile. Gaps left in between teeth can also cause remaining teeth to shift, which changes your bite— and worse—could lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and gum disease. Dental bridges serve as a permanent solution to replace one or more teeth and restore your smile.

Why Repair Teeth with Bridges?

A dental bridge is a framework that replaces single or multiple missing teeth and is anchored with the support of dental crowns on adjacent teeth. Bridges are so effective they can recreate the structural integrity of the teeth they're anchored to.

If you have a missing tooth that needs to be replaced, a dental bridge offers the following benefits:

Our Approach to Bridges

At Smile Hilliard, we focus on preserving your existing teeth whenever possible. If you have lost one or several teeth, we offer bridges as a permanent solution to restore your smile. Bridges can also be supported by implants rather than natural teeth when necessary.

During your visit you'll receive a thorough exam and consultation that outlines your options. We'll carefully consider your concerns and work with you to recommend a course of treatment that prioritizes your long-term dental health, immediate comfort, and aesthetic desires.

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Bridges are excellent options for replacing one or several missing teeth so you can smile and eat with complete comfort and confidence. Contact us today to find a time that works best for a consultation.

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