Teeth Whitening in Hilliard

Lots of factors affect the vibrancy of our teeth. Age, coffee, red wine, tobacco, disease and even injuries can reduce the luster of tooth enamel, resulting in a dull or stained smile. At Smile Hilliard, we provide modern whitening solutions to help you achieve the smile you desire.

Professional Whitening For Best Results

While there are several over-the-counter whitening products available, when it comes to truly whitening your teeth and protecting your tooth enamel, professional tooth whitening is your best option. Receiving in-office teeth whitening comes with many benefits, including:

Which Option Is Right For You?

We all live hectic lives with busy schedules. Knowing that you have unique goals for your smile and a preferred timeline, we offer two options to help you whiten your teeth.

In-Office Whitening (Fastest Results)

Have a special event coming up? Do you need to look your best for those pictures? We use an advanced whitening system called Boost Whitening in our office. Why Boost? It's faster, safer and more comfortable than the popular Zoom® experience with no goggles or harsh UV light required. It also requires fewer applications than other in-office options.

Whitening Trays (At-Home Convenience)

If you prefer tooth whitening on your own schedule, we offer Opalescence Go whitening trays. These form-fitting and adaptable trays are pre-filled with powerful whitening gel. To make things even easier, they are disposable and can simply be discarded after use. You will receive new trays at each subsequent appointment so that you can achieve the bright, white smile you desire!

Ready To Schedule An Appointment?

New patients at Smile Hilliard enjoy Free Teeth Whitening for Life! Schedule your first appointment and you'll receive a free set of custom whitening trays and a tube of at-home whitening gel.* Schedule your appointment today to get started!

*Some restrictions apply, please call for details.

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