Gum Recontouring

Why Gum Recontouring?

Due to things like genetics, braces, and some prescription medications, many people have gums that are uneven, or cover up a large portion of their teeth. In other instances, gum recontouring is helpful for those who have experience decay under the gum line, tooth loss, gingival infections, or periodontal disease.

Additionally, having the perfect smile is not always about perfect teeth, but the harmony between the teeth and gums. When gum recontouring is done as a cosmetic procedure, it helps to achieve the best esthetic results.

What can I Expect with Gum Recontouring?

Once you've had a consultation at Smile Hilliard and we've determined you're a good candidate for gum recontouring, you'll make an appointment to have the reshaping procedure done. During your consultation, you and Dr. Sanyk will make a plan to create the perfect smile you envision.

At the beginning of the procedure, Dr. Sanyk will administer a mild, local anesthetic to numb your gums. Then, using soft tissue laser technology, your gums will be sculpted to create your perfect smile. Also, there are no blades, scalpels, or stitches! With a laser, there is much less bleeding and much less post-operative pain that traditional methods of gum recontouring.

Unless otherwise noted, there is no reason to have a follow up appointment once the reshaping is complete. For the first several weeks following the procedure, it's important to continue practicing strict dental hygiene, while remaining gentle on your gums. The tissue that's been treated may stay sensitive for awhile, and you don't want to irritate it any further. Also, be sure to not use a mouthwash with alcohol in it, as it could burn the sensitive tissue.

Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

If you are unhappy with the way your gums look, or are in need of gum recontouring due to a medical issue, we'd be happy to help. We'll work with you to create an individual treatment plan that best fits your needs. Contact Smile Hilliard today to schedule an appointment that fits with your schedule.

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