Soft Tissue Laser

Many dentists, including Dr. Sanyk, utilize soft tissue lasers to treat a number of periodontal (gum) ailments . The laser works by acting as a cutting/vaporizing instrument of soft tissues in the mouth—something previously done only by blades and sutures. Much of the time, soft tissue lasers create significantly less discomfort and bleeding during treatments.

Why Soft Tissue Lasers?

At Smile Hilliard, we strive to provide the best technologies and to keep our patients as comfortable and at ease as possible. That's why Dr. Sanyk has invested in the Pioneer Elite Diode Soft Tissue Laser and recommends its use whenever appropriate. Soft tissue lasers offer a number of benefits when compared with conventional dental instruments, including the following:

What Conditions Can Soft Tissue Lasers Treat?

Here are some of the following ways we use soft tissue laser treatment at Smile Hilliard:

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If you are suffering from a dental issue, it could be treated quicker and less painfully with a soft tissue laser. During your exam, we'll assess the situation to discover whether the use of a laser can be applied. Contact Smile Hilliard today to schedule an appointment that fits in your schedule.

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